About Our Founder
Marci L. Charland, CPPM, CPC, BCPA, CHBC

When Marci Charland noticed a significant demand for services in the ambulatory community in 2006, she combined her 30+ years of experience in the healthcare industry and passion for healthcare management to establish Physician Facilitator Services (PFS). Through PFS, Marci assists local physicians in optimizing their income while managing the administrative aspects of their practices. She is motivated each day to help physicians lead and maintain an efficient practice without needing to be a part of a larger, corporate organization.

With a bachelor’s degree in the science of nursing and an associate’s degree in health information management, along with multiple industry-specific certifications, Marci provides leadership to medical and dental providers and their staff, offering her expertise and knowledge on various principles, including revenue cycle management, credentialing, practice management, compliance, human resource management, operational flow, among others.

After growing up in a household where being a business owner was unconventional, Marci relocated to Naples, Florida from Muskegon, Michigan at 26 years old to carve her own path with the creation of PFS. Marci is driven by her innate sense of determination and organization. She incorporates these qualities with every client relationship regardless of the project.

When Marci isn’t busy assisting her clients in excelling within their practices, you can find her enjoying the Florida sun on the golf course, out on the boat, or exploring the beautiful world through travel.

Education & Certifications

Marci Charland has over 25 years of industry experience, along with the scholastic background that makes her a valuable asset to almost any medical practice.